Join Sean Castle on Monday nights from 9pm on SWR 99.9FM for “Beyond the Lyrics”.

This week, Sean Castle will be journeying beyond the lyrics and playing some iconic sporting anthems and songs. It’s been Grand Final season for our major sports including Suncorp Super Netball, NRL, AFL and The Shute Shield (Sydney Rugby) so it’s the perfect time to kick back and enjoy some great music that have become closely linked with sport.

On this week’s version of Beyond The Lyrics, Sean Castle will feature:

  1. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n Roses
  2. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  3. Chariots of Fire theme Song – remake by London Symphony Orchestra
  4. We are the Champions – Queen
  5. Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones
  6. Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  7. Simply the Best – Tina Turner and Jimmy Barnes
  8. Gonna Fly Now – Rocky Theme Music
  9. The Horses – Daryl Braithwaite
  10. We Will Rock You – Queen (I love Queen so they get two!)
  11. Time To Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli

Join – 9pm – Sydney time on SWR 99.9 FM or stream it via

Sean Castle

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