New Critical and Creative Thinking PL – for Stage 4/5 Science and HSIE teachers

I strongly recommend this to all of my NSW DoE colleagues in the Science and HSIE KLAs. Excellent PL – Sean Castle HT Teaching and Learning

Are you a Stage 4 and/or 5 History or Science teacher passionate about supporting and developing your students’ critical and creative thinking capabilities? 

If you are keen to more deeply embed general capabilities into your practice and equip your students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world then register for the Critical and Creative Thinking in Practice professional learning.   

Teachers will strengthen their ability to define, teach and assess critical and creative thinking skills within their existing practice and school context. Throughout the two-day NESA registered course, you will explore evidence-based teaching strategies and worked examples and learn how to best apply them in your classroom. You will be supported by a team of expert History and Science teachers to co-develop and test classroom activities to improve your students’ deep learning. 

Register now  

When: 9:00am to 3:15pm on Thursday 22 October and Wednesday 18 November.  

Where: Online in real-time via Microsoft Teams. 

Benefits for teachers  

  • Access high-quality research and evidence-informed resources  
  • Engage in deep discussion and collaboration with colleagues 
  • Strengthen your teaching practice and improve your use of critical and creative thinking in classroom activities 
  • Participate in consistent teacher judgement moderation activities to make evidence-informed decisions about your teaching practice  
  • Become part of an online collaborative community focused on high-quality teaching and learning experiences 

Who should attend? 

All teachers delivering Stage 4 and/or Stage 5 History and Science are encouraged to enrol in the two-day course. The professional learning will closely align teaching and learning strategies to your existing teaching program linked to syllabus outcomes and content.   Please discuss your involvement with your school’s PL coordinator before registering. 

Overview of the course 

The Critical and Creative Thinking in Practice professional learning was co-designed by the Teaching Quality Unit (TQU) and a community of outstanding History and Science teachers, academic partners and educational leaders.  

The professional learning aims to support teachers to collectively improve student achievement and to give teachers the tools and confidence to build their expertise. 


Email the General Capabilities team at

Registration date is 15 Oct 2020.


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