Looking forward to my chat tonight 6pm on SWRFM 99.9FM.

Getting interviewed on SWR FM 99.9FM Sydney tonight at 6pm.

Will be discussing:

  • My role as Chair of Board of Blacktown Youth Services. What we do. Where we’re at. It’s future: http://www.bysa.org.au/
  • My journey as an Executive leaders and teacher in both Public and Christian High Schools
  • My support of international education NGO New Hope International: https://www.newhopeinternational.net/
  • Coping with covid. Mental Health.

Here is the link: https://www.swr999.com.au/

Here is the program: Norwest Educational Chat with Craig Laffin: https://www.swr999.com.au/programs.html?norwest-educational-chat

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