Blacktown Youth Services Association (BYSA) – Help save us!!

Sean Castle – Chair of BYSA Board.

In, 1988 the little house on the corner of First Avenue became the the first Grassroots Youth Centre in Blacktown.

For 32 years, thousands of young people have found solace, safety and support at BYSA. It is often the first place a young person turns to when there is no where else to go and no one else to turn to. The door is always open and they are welcomed with no judgement.

That little house has been filled with the stories, hopes and dreams of young people for three decades. This is the beat of the heart that has made BYSA a home.

Now it is under threat!!! We can’t get the NSW or Federal governments to fund us anymore. We are the service that young people who are the most desperate come to.


Because they trust us!

They know BYSA will do whatever it takes to help them. They know our team led by the wonder Nat and Ali are with them, for them and won’t quit on them.

That is why!!


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If you have time please write to your local MP (state and federal) and ask them what they are doing to save BYSA from extinction. Extinction is a real threat in early 2021 as we are currently unfunded.

BYSA has been here serving the most at-risk youth in Blacktown and the Greater West of Sydney since 1988! – Help us to not only survive but to thrive!

Sean Castle

BYSA – Chair of Board.

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