T4L kids TV

I have looked at Technology 4 Learning (T4L) after its recent launch. It is a great resource. I have attached a recent article about it and would recommend teachers jump on and have a look.


Sean Castle

Head Teacher Teaching and Learning

T4L kids TV

Principals, Admin, Teachers, K-6, 7-12, Metropolitan North, Rural North, Regional North, Metropolitan South, Rural South and West, Regional South

Technology 4 Learning (T4L) has just launched the new T4L kids TV.

Are you keen to get your students using some top technology tools? Do you want extra resources to get your students up to speed in the classroom? 

These free, short, sharp tutorial videos will get your students working with technology with plenty of ease. You can share these new T4L kids TV videos directly with your students, or you can also share T4L kids TV videos with parents.

The first in the series is all about getting the students engaging with digital feedback and assessment. Put into practice those tips you learnt from the T4L webinars!

Check out T4L kids TV here now.


Don’t forget to also check out the T4L blog about digital feedback and assessment for teachers, with tips from our Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft experts. If you missed one of our webinars, you can always re-watch our webinar recordings here.

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