Filmed in the heart of Blacktown – BENEATH OUR SKIN – Mini Documentary


BENEATH OUR SKIN – Mini Documentary

Filmed in the heart of Blacktown, BENEATH OUR SKIN explores the narratives of Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Mental Health through the lens of five African young people living in Western Sydney (NSW).

Blacktown is a multicultural city, with over 40% of people born overseas and 37% of families speaking another language other than english at home. Despite this cultural diversity, young people continue to experience the harmful affects of racism and discrimination. Giving young people a voice to address these complex issues, breaks down cultural tension and misunderstanding within the community and creates a platform to provide solutions.

This story demonstrates the resilience of African Young People and highlights the pride, pain, loss and hope felt by their community.

Spoken Word – Peter Mamer

Audio Soundtrack – Zakky Lanes

Soundtrack Written & Recorded by DJ Fin$

Filmed by – Finesse Entertainment

Created and Produced by – Blacktown Youth Services Association (BYSA) 2020.

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