Sean Peter Castle recommended reading for NSW DoE teachers: Supporting our HSC students – July 2020

Supporting our HSC students

Sean Castle – HT Teaching and Learning: I have read through this article and strongly recommend that all teachers read through and become aware of this important information from the NSW DoE.

On Thursday 2 July we’re launching the HSC hub to further support HSC students this year. The platform will include high-quality on-demand sessions that teachers can provide to their students to help them prepare for their exams. 

The HSC hub is a carefully curated central repository for third party material as well as new items created by the department. Schools will have free access to third party curriculum software via the hub, including Edrolo until the end of 2020.

We encourage teachers and students to enrol in relevant Edrolo modules today. This way, access to the hub will be much faster and easier on the day of launch. Any school that hasn’t considered the third party offerings, including Edrolo, can do so via Third party software.

We will continue to add new items to the hub during Term 3, including content that is produced by the department and inspired by your feedback. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts.Once the hub is live, we will be encouraging teachers to work with their students to help identify and allocate relevant sessions to supplement student’s existing course work.

Further support and detail of what courses will be available in time for use during the school holidays will be posted in your relevant statewide staffroom.

Visit Statewide staffrooms to join a staffroom specific to your learning area. 

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